We care about protecting your privacy. We don't sell your data, and we do not normally have ads that feature on this site commercially other than that relates to our products and services. Therefore our ads if any are designed  so that we can show you relevant and useful ads that relate to our products without telling other external agencies or advertisers who you are. In the future we may show you better ads, when we use data that advertisers, app developers and publishers provide us about your activity off our Products and Services. This data includes your use of partners' websites and apps, and certain offline interactions with them, such as purchases. You control whether we use this data to show you ads. WE will notify you when we introduce this system. AT that stage we will also require you to confirm whether we can use this data to decide which ads to show you, and will require you to select Accept and Continue. If you don't want us to use this data to decide which ads to show you, or to select Manage Data Settings.